Bulan Adi Ko (short and Ilokano for “My Sister Moon Collective”)

Comprised of a painter and photographer and collectively known as Bulan Adi Ko, this all womyn collective have created intricate installations and storytelling wonders filled with a mixture of different mediums.  Their pieces focus on true narratives and highlights current history.  Known for their elaborate details and the talent of weaving it all together, their first co-solo show, “World Wide Hustle(rs)” opened in San Francisco’s Luggage Store Gallery in 2010 with a burst full of murals, mixed-media works, photographs and film.  Their work is fully  influenced by a feminine perspective and pushes the imagination of art as many of their pieces are created by upcycling materials.

We love “basura”- garbage. Out of necessity, out of our conscience, and out of the heels of of our imagination– we love to transform it. Garbage has become our nearest and dearest material. We live in a world of waste. We have not yet entered a post-consumer world but If you can figure out what to do with tons of egg cartons and plastic bottles then that’s the kind of clever challenge we’re rolling up our sleeves for– everything else is a waste of our time– pun intended!




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